Michael Snow

I grew up in a small town with my brother and sister. My mother did the best she could as a single mom. Times weren’t always easy, but mom taught us to value self-improvement as she worked two jobs and earned her Master’s degree. I enjoyed math, history, and a fascination with aviation growing up. One day I overheard mom talking about retirement. As a single mom she was concerned that she wouldn’t have a retirement, so that started my fascination with the topic.

During my fifth-grade year I came up with an idea. In my young world I theorized that mom could retire by saving money in an account and living on the interest. I knew nothing of investments or bank interest at the time, but my elementary theory holds true today. While my theory was sound, my mechanics required more knowledge than my fifth-grade self could comprehend at the time. This sparked the flame inside me to learn all I could about finance, retirement, investments, and wealth accumulation.

Upon graduating I took a different route to college by joining the Navy and studying nuclear propulsion. My plan was to earn a ROTC scholarship or Academy appointment to pursue my dream of military flying. While serving in Orlando, FL, I attained my private pilot certificate and was awarded a ROTC scholarship to the University of Oklahoma. The summer of my sophomore year a farming incident ended my dreams of military aviation.

Devastated, I decided to pursue a business interest in agriculture and transportation; I operated it for over 20 years. I felt there was more I could do and my drive to serve others grew each year leading me to a company that sold Insurance products, so I closed my business of 20 years. This first experience exposed me to a darker side of the financial world of product selling. I knew there had to be a better way to serve my clients, so I left that company to develop a client-centric approach to serve my clients by founding Tower Financial Strategies. This client first approach requires integrity, objectivity, fairness, diligence, confidentiality, professionalism, and constant academic development, so I continue to immerse myself in expanding my knowledge in all matters of financial planning by studying at The American College with plans to pursue a PHD in Financial Planning in 2019. I use this knowledge to guide our clients on appropriate options for their financial plan.

Today I live in the Andover area with my wife Whitney and young children Gabriel and Hailey. I enjoy attending the kids’ sporting events, announcing ball games, and volunteering with the school system to help develop the future of education.  I work to pass on my enjoyment of finance and aviation to my kids by giving them flight lessons most flights we take. I cherish being together with family, so I like to share in activities with each one. Sometimes it can be challenging when they have sporting events in different states, but we make the best of it by utilizing the plane to make both functions when possible.

I believe education is important in all aspects of life, and with all the misinformation in todays financial world it is critical that people arm themselves with knowledge. This passion led me to create this blog to educate and empower all who visit.